2. Nice Christmas present from my boss.

  3. Cloudy HK

  4. went to this professional SPA. HK

  5. HK store.

  6. HK is so hipster.

  7. hipster’ish Cu Chi Forest, Vietnam

  8. No hipster woods from bavaria for a while. Will leave to Asia for having fun, loving life etc.

    please follow: dogstastelikechicken.tumblr.com

    I will add some asian hipster fotos there.

    Thanks to my Girl Aivy Pham for the nice artwork.



  9. somewhere

  10. hipster’s capital: osterseen, bavaria

  11. you are not alone.

  12. black forest.

  13. hipster shirt

  14. it’s my therapy.

  15. hipster woods. bavaria. osterseen.